Monday, June 11, 2007

Word is out.

My last meager post didn't appear in the font I'd chosen. Today I found a blog that mentions us. :)

Thanks, Jim Brock!


Matt said...

Ah, the post and comments on that site . . . the same old la la la of the PoBiz alma mater.

It reminds me once again why might have been more successful if it had concentrated on the kind of unconsciousness or ignorance of indoctrinated poets (and the Po-Biz indoctrination dogma) instead of contests and cheating.

I.e., the disease itself and not merely the symptoms of the disease.

I still feel the temptation to fight back . . . but until more people involved in the poetry world wake up and face the 800 lb. gorilla of dissatisfaction, it seems anything said will simply evaporate.

But when I read crap like the stuff on that blog (which is along the lines of "the poor are bad" or "blacks/whites/Jews/Muslims/etc., etc. are evil") I feel they are right about one thing. Namely, failed to bring sufficient understanding to the problem of "industrialized tribalism" in the PoBiz. In other words, we failed to communicate to the PoBiz in general what ethics are.

We concentrated on "sin" and "sinners" . . . but we should have devoted ourselves to ethical philosophy. It's obvious from posts like the one you linked to that the notion that ethics exist or that the PoBiz could be anything but a new Eden for every jackass with a fig leaf and a drive to express him or herself is still entirely lost on the majority of the PoBiz community.

I quote from the blogger: "poetry itself is an inherently good enterprise." To accept this kind of ridiculous statement without differentiation or even consideration is so radically absurd that it leaves one jaw-dropped.

It is due to pathologically naive and utterly self-involved attitudes like this that the quality of poetry today is so abysmal. All I can say is that I am happy to be out of the game. It is just a tourist industry.

See, I'm still grouchy even without to run!


Anonymous said...

As long as foetry was still kicking, there was a slim chance, but now you have all abdicated responsibility. This blog is So Lame I can't even tell you.

Ethics can't be taught, you can teach ethical principals but you can't teach people to be ethical.

You can kick them in the ass or hit them where it hurts the most, the wallet.

Go ahead, be pissed off in silence.

I'm outta here...