About Press Releases on Post Foetry...

When posting a press release on this blog, Post Foetry is not necessarily endorsing or speaking out against the event or the people involved.

I have just posted a press release from poets.org that arrived in my mailbox. On the surface, the event looks straight forward enough: the event is free and open to those who wish to attend. As to what poet got favors from such-and-such organizations, I don't know.

In any case, the "comment" section is open to anyone who wishes to express opinions about organizations and individual writers featured in the press release. Opinions expressed by individuals do not necessarily reflect my opinion or that of my team members.

I plan to post select future press releases related to poetry and writing in general as they arrive in my inbox, but they will be clearly marked as press releases, which means that the text has not been changed or edited in any way. Thus, when you see "Press Release" in the title line, you will know that, at the time of posting, we have taken a neutral stance on the event and/or people involved.

That could change, of course, so anyone submitting a press release here is well-advised to keep that in mind.

We will not post the following kinds of press releases:

  • Announcements of any literary contests, both free and fee-charging
  • Vanity press "contest" announcements
  • From publications that charge a reading fee
  • From known foets and foet vanity presses
  • Announcements of paid editorial services and/or fee-charging literary agents
  • Announcements selling certain enhancement products (okay, just checking to see if you're still with us)

However, by submitting a press release to any team member's email box, you are granting us permission to quote from it and write up a news clip, which may or may not be favorable to you or your organization.

Kind of well-written press releases we will consider posting:

  • Announcements of upcoming FREE and/or charity literary events
  • Press releases from individual writers (not presses), who have published a book (novels, stories, poems, and creative non-fiction) and could benefit from a little buzz and exposure; self-publishers are welcome too. Just be aware that by publishing your release, we are not addressing the overall quality of your book.

While Post Foetry would like to keep an eye on certain foet organizations and foets, we also want, whenever possible, to emphasize what's good about the literary arts.