Charles Simic is our new Foet Laureate?

According to Bluehole, we need to take a closer look at our new Poet Laureate Charles Simic as a Foet Laureate.

Bluehole makes a compelling argument in his August 4, 2007, blog entry.

Is it any wonder that ordinary folks eschew the literary arts? First, one is inflicted with obscure and puzzling poems that only insiders understand and then these foets cheat to get those really lousy poems published.

Post Foetry will continue to lobby against fee-based literary contests. Unless the playing field (in terms of judging) is leveled, then, quite simply, paying to enter a contest is worse than playing the lottery.

Starting immediately, Post Foetry will remove all links to literary magazine contests; we will make a list of magazines to avoid (without links), and we will develop a link list to litmags that offer good guidelines and are known to play fairly.

I suspect that will be a very short list, indeed.