Friday, August 17, 2007

IOWA (U. of) at it Again ??

The bad news is that the University of Iowa Poetry Prize has not changed its tune.

Visit Alan's website (Blue Hole) for more information. If you (our small group of readers) have any personal experience or opinion, please email Bugzita (Jennifer) or myself. Or simply comment on this brief entry.

Yes, defend this program, if you wish. Their website is pleasant yet reveals little.

Thank you, Sandra Simonds for your blog entry earlier.

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Bugzita said...

I posted the following message on Sandra's blog:

"Sorry that you had such a lousy experience with Iowa."

"The Iowa contest is notorious for taking money from entrants and awarding prizes to its own darlings. But their letter to you is a new low--now they can can add arrogance and rudeness to their cheating label."

"Check out for more info and the foetry archive ("

"And keep on writing!"

"Bugzita from Post Foetry"

Sandra's experience is one reason we need to keep this blog up and running!

Thanks, Nomi!