(in Progress): A Sample

Okay, so I'm working on my Spam Lit web page (which I'll post tomorrow--I never do web page posting when I'm tired. I'm still not very adept at this process, and I once submitted five pages without their images), and I run across this really cool site:

Hilarious! Literal spam haiku has to be one of the most brilliant ideas for the discerning literature wonk.

This site takes a literal view of Spam Lit and applies it to the Hormel version of Spam and real and imaginary literary figures.

Spamlette? Spam Letters?

This is one of the most brilliant sites I have seen (although the backgound is a bit too busy. Yikes!).

For example (with apologies to webmaster John Nagamichi Cho):


Psychologists think Sartre
wrote Nausea because
His mom fed him SPAM.

To appreciate the full effect, you just have to visit this site and read all the haiku.