MFA Program: University of Iowa Writers' Workshop--Love Fest or Smackdown?

From time to time, we are going to shine the light on MFA programs, and open up a thread for opinions about the program; for example, does the hype offered in promotional materials match the reality?

This post, we are placing the University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop under scrutiny. We are particularly interested in comments--the good, the bad, and the ugly--by current and former students of this program. What do you like about the program? Dislike? Who were your favorite professors? Least favorite? Give us the real skinny! Serve some tantalizing dish! Or sing the program's praises!

Also, we would like to hear from writers who applied to the program and were rejected; how was your rejection delivered? Personal letter? Form letter? Snark? (If you still have your rejection letter, feel free to email a copy [scanned as a jpeg file], and with your permission, we'll post it without your identifying information.)

Feel free to post your general opinions in this thread OR email me.

We will delete comments that may be unsubstantiated and libelous (such as accusing someone of sexual harassment, etc., and naming that person by name), but opinions are opinions and will not be deleted.

Love Fest or Smackdown? You decide.