Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spam Lit Poem: Male Aggregate Enhancement




very amazing

thing and admire

to inform you about it.

Before I started to

use this thing

my male

aggregate was

too small so small

that I feel shy to speak

about the size.

But now my life has

changed. I increased my

instrument size, women like me

too mush that now I am

glad. P.S Today I can come

7 times for the night. Do you

fell the difference?


(Thanks to Nomi, who receives spectacular spam)


Nomi said...

oh, yes, I fell the difference.
I fell the difference, I do.

Nomi said...

off topic ... or not! if anyone visits my blog,she will find a list of links to Extended Family. For Bugzita I have posted a link to http://www.writerwriter.com/ and I've posted links for Alan and Matt and will probably link to one of famous Jimmy Behrle's inimicable sites.

My url is http://neverdied.blogspot.com/

incidentally: this is Freedom to Marry Week!

Bugzita said...

Thanks, Nomi.

The Writer! Writer! blog is a bit of an experiment for me.