Gov. Sarah Palin Approves Aerial Gunning of Wolves in Alaska


The Wolves Heart Will Go On

linwau says,


This video contains pictures and videos of wolves that were murdered.

Got tired of all you immature hunters posting comments about blasting wolves to bits. No one cares that you're proud of killing an endangered animal. I'm sorry it's so hard for you to keep you pathetic comments to yourself.

I pity you for your lack of self control.

Alright, You guys have no idea how much the Bush/Cheney Administration upsets me. I mean, I just want to scream at them. So many wolves have and will be slaughtered this year, because they allow it.

It's just not right.

It's sick.

These animals are still on the endangered list, and now will have to stay longer. Humans have been killing them for YEARS, isn't it just about time to back off?
Leave the wolves alone.

If anyone deserves to be hunted and killed it's humans, no other animal has destroyed the world as much as us.

It's really a terrible world.

Three years from now, Will we still have wolves?


This graphic video is difficult to watch; these beautiful animals are being slaughtered by humans who are engaging in "aerial gunning," which gives unfair advantage to hunters with big guns and huge vantage point. I snarked about this on my site

I tried driving home a point with biting humor, but I have to tell you: this practice isn't funny at all.

The video speaks for itself.