Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Greetings all,

My technical limitations are legendary. Yesterday I attempted to forward a serious message about a missing child and I somehow sent a blank message to about 20 people. Four of them kindly informed me of my error.

I continue to make progress. Foetrydotcom introduced me to the joys of electronic dialogue and the value of increasing these skills. I am not in the same league as Alan, Matt or Bugzita, but I am in a different level than in my earliest days.

If folks have an interest in corresponding with members of foetrydotcom, I am willing to facilitate by way of email. It will not always be possible and it will not be an instant process. Please contact me at:


Matt said...

Hi Nomi,

Sorry I missed your call. I have been out of the office. My guess is that you can't change font, because there is a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) command applied to all of the posts to make them conform to a specific font and font size style.

That is, anything you might try to post in the blog is being overridden by a "master command" that is located in the template.

You may be able to fiddle with the HTML to modify the font style within your post (using a style command like [span style="font-family: Arial;"]text[/span] (where all [] are actually <>, because it wouldn't let me type <> or HTML code in this comment) or something like that. But I can't say for sure without trying.

And I don't have editorial access to Post Foetry. Maybe Jennifer could figure it out for you.

Sorry I couldn't help more. Hope you and Ethan are well!


Bugzita said...


If you wish, I can grant you admin access; I hesitated because I was afraid you'd feel pressure to jump right into the fray again.


Let me know if you'd like to be promoted to admin or not. Whatever you wish is fine with me.

Cheers, Bugzita

Matt said...

Hi Bugz,

I appreciate the offer, but I probably won't have time to take on any admin duties. I'm enjoying my retirement as much as I can.

If I experience a resurgence of PoBiz interest and have more time to spend back in the fray, then I'll give you a shout that I can do more.

But at the moment I'm immersed in sketching out the preliminaries of what may become a book on Jungian psychology. That is, I have no formal outline for a book yet, but I've been generating a lot of essays that will probably lead to an eventual organization/formalization into a book (or multiple books).

I'm not sure what I want to take a stab at first: a more personal memoir about Jungian pursuits or a more formal, scholarly book on a specific topic in the field.

If I did the former, I may choose to go the POD self-pub route. But I don't think the Jungian publication world is as screwed up as the PoBiz. I.e., if I just sent a Jungian publisher a cover letter and sample from a manuscript, I stand a reasonable chance of publication . . . credentials being mostly a non-issue (at least I hope).

Still, I am a firm believer in self-publication, and I would like to give it a shot. The determining factor would be seeing if I could get any of the main distributors of the Jungian presses to carry my self-pubbed book, too.

It's basically a genre field that includes a lot of spiritual and memoir-like writings, so there may be a chance.


Bugzita said...


That's fine, and I understand perfectly. I wish you the best for your Jungian book--I suspect you'll break some new ground.

I do hope you'll stop by here from time to time. I don't know where this forum will go or if it will go.

BTW, I saw your new forum. ;=)

Yours, Bugz