Friday, December 14, 2007

It's JUST War! Relaunched! Call for War Poems, Stories, and Essays

Check out our associated blog It's Just War!

We would like to read your war stories, poems, and essays and, possibly, even post them.

The comment section of It's JUST War! is open for creative work having to do with war; we may elevate works from the comment section to actual posts.

It doesn't matter if you're anti-war, pro-war, or neutral. We don't even care if you hate Foetry or Post Foetry.

We just want to hear your voice.

Best, Jennifer

1 comment:

Nomi said...

Thank you, for this relaunched blog. I will be sending you some lyrics and links, etc.

There is a song from WWI, " I Never Raised My Boy To Be A Soldier" whose lyrics ( and sheet music) my dear friend Joyce sent me...always brings me to tears.